Tutorials : How to mount, Install, crack a pc game after downloading it

1. How to extract .rar files :

All the contents served are packed in .RAR format, we don’t want to get into technical details but the main reason is it allows the files to be splitted to many parts so then the files will be uploadable, also scene packed files are sort of quality assurance from the scene games groups.
There are many application which can be used for opening and extracting .RAR files, but the most popular RAR application, is WinRAR. I assume you already have it installed, but if not then you can get it here.
After you finished the download, you’ll get a set of RAR files, such as this.

To combine them simply right click the first part and choose Extract Here.

Wait the extraction processing

You’ll maybe get another set of RAR files but it’s uncommon, usually after the first extraction you will get an .ISO file

2. How to open iso files after extraction:

You need to install Daemon Tools (Here) to mount iso files, follow the instructions in the image below To mount an image, click the button 3, find your image file and click on the  button “open”


Button 1 : to add a virtual device used by Daemon Tools.
Button 2: to delete a virtual device
Button 3: allows you to search an image file on your hard
Button 4: allows access to options.
3. How to Crack the pc game :
Most games have protections. This is why crack is necessary to override these protections.
Usually, the crack will be in the disk image, in a folder named “Crack” or “SKIDROW” or “RELOADED” or “FAIRLIGHT” or “CODEX” or “PROPHET” or “PLAZA” or “FLT” or “TiNYiSO” or “OUTLAWS” or “3DM” or “ALI213”
NOTE: you need to explore the Disk (1. right-click on disk/dvd/iso 2. open)
the most common installation of a crack is to simply copy all files INSIDE the “crack” folder and then paste it into the installation directory of your game and replace the old files (game directory is usually in C:\Program Files (x86)\the_game _name) Here is for example a folder containing a crack (usually you will find inside it an exe file, dll and an ini file)
4. How to change the pc game language :
 Usually to change game language (if your language is supported):
1. go to the game directory where the exe of the game
2. open the .ini file (for example codex.ini or steam_api.ini or skidrow.ini or 3dmgame.ini)
3. change the line language=english by your game language for example
Language = french or Language = italian or Language = german or Language = spanish or Language = brazilian or Language = Russian or Language = Polish
5. SOFTWARE ESSENTIALS (you need them to run all pc games properly) :
 Make sure you have the following softwares, to run all games properly…
Install the latest DirectX:
Visual C++ Redistributable: (x86)
Visual C++ Redistributable: (x64)
2010: http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=13523
2012: http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=30679
2013: http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=40784
.NET Framework 3.5:
.NET Framework 4.5:
– Extraction Software:
7zip :
– Mounting Software:
Daemon Tools:


1. I installed the game but when i click on the game .exe or the shortcut, it opens “STEAM” or “ORIGIN” ?

Probably you haven’t copied correctly the crack or your antivirus has removed the crack files or block them.
just add those files to the white/exclusion list on your antivirus or disable your antivirus and reinstall the game and recopy the crack (here a tutorial how to add an exception for a blocked application for some antivirus AVAST | AVIRA | NORTON | KASPERSKY | AVG | ESET | BITDEFENDER | F-SECURE | PANDA

2. I have an Error message when I run the game: Runtime errors, 0xc00007b error, missing dll d3dx9_xx, XINPUT1_3, MSVCR100, MSVCR120….?

install directx, Visual C++ and all software essential in this tutorial after that restart your PC

3. I installed all the essential software, restart my PC, but i still have a missing .dll error ?

if the game needs other software in addition to standard software, you will find it in a folder called “CommonRedist”. you can find this folder inside the iso or in the game directory

4. I have no sound, graphics problems ?

install directx and all software essential in this tutorial and update your graphic card driver (NVIDIA driver, ATI/AMD driver, Intel driver) after that restart your PC

5. The game detect my Intel integrated graphic card not my Nvidia Card (you don’t have enough ram on the GPU ! Not enough VRAM detected…) ?

You need to add the game .exe to nvidia control panel

Note: you can add this option to to the Desktop Context Menu which will allow for any application to be run in Integrated or Discrete mode via the right click Contest menu. Add this functionality via the NVIDIA Control Panel

6. I want to change the game language. but i can’t save the .ini file (i’m getting this message: You don’t have permissions to save in this folder)

This is due to UAC (User Access/Account Control) on Windows
the easiest way for beginners, is to copy the file to another place, for example to desktop or documents, edit and save it. finally recopy it to the game folder and replace the old ini file.

7. How to know if i can run the game (System Requirements) ?

in every game post, you will find the minimum System Requirements to run the game
or you can also use CanYouRunIt This site provides a One-Click solution that looks at your computer’s hardware and system software to determine whether or not your current system can run a game

8. How to run old game with the compatibility mode ?

go to the game folder, – right click on the .exe, – selecting Properties from the menu, – select the Compatibility tab, – check the box “run this program in compatibility mode for”

9. What is the difference between a repack game and a Full game ?

Repack it’s similar to a full game but with a reduced size, this reduction is due to:
– high compression (the installation is longer than a full game) – sometimes a lowest audio or video quality (HD instead of full HD) – the game is ENGLISH only, all other languages are removed to reduce the size – the repack release are precracked so you need just to install and play

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